Текст песни Air Supply - Love Comes To Me

As long as I live, all that I receive, is what I want to give to you
I know that if I can stay for a while, you will soon love me too
Let's take a chance, at least we'll learn a lesson
It beats hanging round waiting for moments that wait into days
I don't want to love you in two different ways

Do you want to give, do you want to give me your whole day and more
Do you want to give, do you want always the key to the door

It's easy for you talking your way out of all situations
When you can't see thru' and leave it up to me
And that's what I do
And that's what I do

Love comes to me and leaves me with you
Love runs thru' me in all that you do
Don't walk away, don't leave me standing here
That's not the way, don't lead me anywhere
I need you now, I need you now