Текст песни DARK TRANQUILLITY - A Bolt Of Blazing Gold


A bolt of blazing gold,
Lifted from the horizon's edge
Another radiant dawn sends new hope,
Avowed my hearty pledge
My yearning to be part
Of nature's truthful solitude
Of wisdom's inner light
That shines in mystic multitude
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The guiding source within,
So few of us will ever know
And few will ever climb
The great world-tree from which we've grown
But those who seek will find
The rhythm that vibrates high and far
And rearrange the cosmic threads,
The pattern of the weave of stars

A bolt of blazing gold,
Oh, wingless skydancer,
Rejoiced upon the warmth unfurled
What wonders do you hold ensnared
With your mighty heart?
What secrets may be mine
To brother-share as we depart?

Of richest emerald forged,
My soul still rises, longingly
From inferno's winding caverns,
Through dark air soaring, restlessly
If silence was enough!
No words can grasp my starkest thoughts
No language known to man
Portrays my naked sentiment

A bolt of blazing gold,
Swallowed by the waveless sea
The ocean-winds set sail,
In breeze towards their destiny
On solarbeams they rode,
White sea-gull-wings in harmony
For a moment's startling glimpse
A sienna-burnt tranquillity
Oh father of the coloured sky,
Unwear thy robe of shadowhood
Let nature's soul once clash again
Beneath blooming glades of goldenwood

We're the ones who seek
To dance to fallen serenades
The magic hymns of gold;
As softly sung, the sunlight fades

Of richest emerald forged,

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