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Digging graves - City buries dead
Angry tears falling - The massacre
Cemetary defaced - Age of pain draws near
A presence of troops - Termination inflicted

Civil unrest - Mortar shell exploding
On contact - Sacrificing

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Cringing at the thought - That nothing can be done
To stop this madness - Dreams fading fast

Feel the pressure - Brain starts to wither
Absent warnings of attack - Designated plots

Arranged in order - Grisly reminder turned to grief
Discarded prayers - Fear of living grows
Depletion continues - At phenomenal rates
Voices screaming - Counting losses

Wounding opposition - Parade the streets
Victory accomplished
For time being thinking your safe - When attacks resume
Creating more dead - Wind of destruction

Everything is grey - Trees are gone
Nothing stands
Running through sniper alleys
Viewing with disgust

A place you hate - Killings everyday

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