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Carving into the body - Bound in shackles
Blood and guts are spilt - Face is mutilated
Organs consumed - Total overthrow
Control in my grasp - Deranged mentality
Ruler of sin - I leave no trace
Lanced corpse lies silent - Dried up and withered

Stench lingers throughout infinity
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As victims lie pierced on ceremonial slab

Diseases spread unto the earth
Decaying holes releasing malodorous rancidity

Bones become visible as the body rots
Thoughts hang lifeless

Piercing knife - Rips through flesh
Screaming howls - Fastened chains
Reveller of decay

Inflicting pain
Life is taken
Severely beaten
Humility reigns
Resist in apathy

Feasting on the raw, bloody bones
Innocent victims slaughtered

As I carve inscription of doom
Remains unearthed in grim discovery

Demolished head - Cause of death
Bones lie twisted - Decomposition
Willing confessor - Mentally disturbed
In shallow pit - The dead are buried
Mourners weep - Not understanding
Reality executioner

Rising of the head - Half drenched in blood
Archaic sorcery - Resurrected

Transitions occur
Despite the will
Distorted memories
Stored in disk
bluish-green decay

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