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My House (my heart?)will become our shelter.
(Now that you took) inside my head.
Soon the levy wanes
And my fears grow (grovel?) in the dark.
as the seal I am in disguise.
I look down and there's my face
I look down and i fear
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down on my hands in fornication

We'll be the rise and touch the earth.
with our crown
-----------------the ground

we'll fornicate

And you will see through me again
through me again

oh how we'll see
Join hands and-------
---------wash him away
in the silver light (night)

You can ??
you shall not feel
You feel ??
You'll fall ??
You will not see
You will not see
Your love
Our loss

Your Loss

When all is done
The voice of the mute will
The blind will see again
When all is to dark to be seen
The deaf will listen
When all is to loud to be heard
To finally follow their guilty gods

I fear
I lust
I hide
and seek (in sin)

When all is done

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