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Arisen by a silver sword
that lost its battle shine.
As i walk into the gate
I left that world behind.

My father wakes me with his calls
Rotten vile human pride
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with fire rival the earth shall die

--- a thousand times
I was tempted by the fire
And with fire I shall depart.

(low chorus)
feeling the tears

Arisen in my father's womb
Life sustain me for his might


No one can ever imagine
?? embrace the earth and sky
But you are drowning in fire
Through our invisible heart

I am Immortal
I cannot die
So help me Father
Your heart (heir?) is mine.


Tears run down my closing eyes
And all that fire burning inside

And ?? waits for the next to go.

(low spoken)
Hear me my beloved son,
I can not teach you
any further

A new Aeon
has began
Your the next to rise The Earth's Son!

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