Текст песни DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE - The Puzzling Constellation Of A Deathrune


(Voice:)"...The Soulside Awakes...Closing Down the Flesh..."

Upwards a Shimmering Nightsky of far so Distant Starlight
Above the Obsolete Horizonlines Death Came to Reap
Towards the Cosmic Hillsides Beyond the Lunar Galaxy
Closing Down the Fleshworld Forever as the Soulside Awakes

Whirling Down a Maelstrom of Horror Infernal
Possessed by the Grim and Bleak Eyes of the Seventh Moon
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Breathing the Rippeling Rythm of the Coldest Night
Through Shadows Hearses Must be Led Across

The Puzzling Constellation of a Deathrune
The Ancient Sign of Magic Divine and Flamboyance Burning
Old Dusty Thresholds and Rusty Gateways Unentered (and) Unseen
A Spiritpath in the Thirteenth Dimension Cursed for Evilcraft

Obstreperous Skyways of Nightfall Ornaments
Cloudrealm Corridors of Miles and Miles with Mist
The Darkened Space Enthroned and Time is Moving Backwards...

Breathing the Rythm of the Coldest Night
An Ancient Sign of Magic Divine
A Darkened Dungeon for the Pale I Seek
A Spiritpath for the Thirteenth Soul
The Sky is Raised from a Nightfall Dream
By the Bodies with their Souls in Black
Burning Close in the Cryptic Night
Rip Young Hearts out in the Fields of Light

Horror Infernal - The Seventh Moon - The Coldest Night

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