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Brought on by fanatic revolution

Lead: Sahlgren

Give in for eternity
To your saviour insanity

An unavoidable definition
Of a primetime killing mission
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After action, knife in hand
Still not able to understand
What difference does it make
If god or satan pulls the trigger
Still it's bleeding

In Death's Cold Embrace
Music by : Blomqvist, Estby, Sahlgren. Lyrics by : K?rki

Fuck all pathetic moral preachers
Fuck all religious clowns
And their fucked up ways
Fuck good and evil
It's fucking relative
No matter which way you take
You get fucked up anyway

In the end we all will die
So why waste precious time
We all will learn the truth
In death's cold embrace

Fuck the haves
Because they fuck the have-nots
Fuck all fucked politicians
And their power hungry games
Fuck all the bureaucrats
And hang them in red tape
Fuck the fucked up media
With their hype of the day

Look at the world today
Doesn't make sense in any way
Then take a look at yourself
What purpose do you serve

Look at the world today
Ruled with democracy
Feel free to kill yourself

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