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To still cling to the shadows of doubt, to hinder growth into the soul of finding yourself
I hear your pain

The fears of my life stand before me...
Do I end it now for God my children, just close my eyes

To feel the distance getting further, but there is light on the horizon
Just don't look down

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And the cold will rise up and try to break the will again inside
Watch the fallen leaves and follow, it will pass like the change of season

To banish fear, want more to pass her along the road
How many tears, polluting freedom, there's more to go

The constant fight deludes the point, the burning pastures will destroy
The time you have to make your own and stand the ground of which yourself created

Finding a sign of truth to follow, holding a memory for tomorrow

Never to walk the shores unknown, never to seek the depths untold
Never to picture blinding hopes and taste the lips of a dream ignored
Never to know what could have been, never to feel the breath of freedom

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