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Can't we see their games to which we are pawns? Drawn to conform, restrained

Is it the blind lead the blind? Or are we the fools who follow?

Listening to minds bent on power for their needed elation
To place your trust in the eye's of the blind to real life
Stand by the water all you see is just a reflection
Yet the water is deep like your instincts don't place your beliefs in another mans hands

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Brainwashed to believe their obvious lies, censored from the truth, denied

Stagnant lands lie victim, losing conscious wisdom
The beast will ride into all his awaited creations, suffering will prevail

No one can hear societies lifeless cries, suffering in silence as part of your game
We do not question what is taken for granted, democracy a facade, lets open our eyes

Bleeding us dry of what is ours, dependent on us to survive
Living this absurd masquerade, conformity, oh so dear
And what they prophecise, dormant in the dust of ones demise
The clouds of pity rain down from the heavens

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