Текст песни MEKONG DELTA - Heartbeat


R. Hubert, R. Hubert

In the shadow of our industry
we constructed all these big machines
symbolizing what we want to be
superpowers of insanity
Accepting all of this bureaucracy
content to be another wannabe
obscured by all of this complexity
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consumed as fuel for even bigger dreams
Little voices saying please sign here
you know these children are too young my dear
and the endless sound of moving parts
replaced the rhythm of their strained hearts
While the wheels continue turning
We still believe in sold out learning
in the center are these blinded eyes
masked by a melted fire out of ice
Answers finally came to me
Creeping through your cancered skin
Remember that your life is a sin
Lost like a heartbeat
we will never hear
Caught by the house of coldness
we all fear
And in our blindness we can't see
the ghost of all we used to be
In the daylight of our destiny

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