Текст песни MEKONG DELTA - The Principle Of Doubt


B. Eklund, Mekong Delta

The old bum over there holds a sign saying
The only way for you to live never stop trying
A little boy hands a note over to me
The message there on that note is simple and clear
Don't ever leave the path you have been walking on
Don't ever change the ways of getting along
No chance for you to escape from your destination
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Choose between good and bad and make your own decision
Just be true to yourself and things will be comin'
Don't ever try to make them smile at you
For in return they'll turn their back on you
A prophecy that's what I say
And you'll find out some day
A chosen one that's what you are
Some day your bound to find your way
You'll fight in a world that don't seen real
You'll have to fight in that world you don't believe in
Hit by a car in the streets of deserted town
Wake up in your dreams wondering where you're around
I will be lord of this land
I will be ruler of this land

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