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Verse 1

You niggas juss created a monsta
fuck a Tampa I smoke ganja
up in the Bahamas racin Yamaha jet skis
money launderin like ";Casa Blanca";
luminate the concert
aimin missile launchers
he's crazy comet
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mentally disturbed Karma
wit all drama
I put that on my mama
I'm down to hog tie my playa potna
don't make me spray ya potna
if you wanna save yo daughter nigga, give up the info
and throw that plasticy mutha fucka out my limo
wit three up in his temple
the land where niggas pimp hoes big
I do this for the streets of
my speech
too hard on the instrumental will get yo club shot up
drugs get rocked up
hustalas settin shop up
runnin from coppas
and helicopters
pourin out Vodka
for all my dead potnas
and make me wanna drop my chopper
and salute
nigga put yo glocks in the air and salute
nigga shoot
only my first three times, nigga recoup
ya'll niggas be bloops
no, publishin givin the loot
to your executive produce
sellin bubble Lex coupes
on loot
beat yo bad bitches in daisy dukes
poppin they cooch
while my fuckin name is introduced
clear my throat, check the mic
1,2 -1,2
How many mutha fuckas wanna smoke?
Whatcha want do?
I throw a tree full blunt into the crowd
snatch a pile of money
probably a thousand
throw it in the crowd
nigga now
Big Poppa style
while I used to be on Section 8
now it's shrimp and lobster now
and livin like a Mobbsta now
an niggas who snitched like Sammy ";The Bulldog";
a final, or Donny Brasco body found in the barrio
wit quatro, cinco hallows
up in Pablo
a Tommyano killa
but never shit across the Mobb though
keep yo mouth closed
we hold the fuckin code of silence
juss give me great beats and violins
my flow is violent
cold as tyrannts
hearin the po-po sirens
live an direct, while you slide yo Vet
niggas think it's real, but chill, it's only a cassette
yes, gangsta shit to the fullest
hollow tip bullets through yo chest
had to dismiss a lot of fake niggas
juss to make scrilla
the industry be tryin to rape niggas
but I'm a straight killa
white as fuck like grade A gorilla
the Mobb niggas used rob niggas fo, Hagan Das nigga
keep a bribe wit her
half a chicken up in a ride nigga

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