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Yes, yes, yes, uh!
Balla shit, nigga
timer shit nigga
(Regime shit baby)
flossy shit, boi!
(Smoke-A-Lot, Smoke-A-Lot)
Rolex Rulez
Check it, we rock big jew-els an shit, big karats an Baggets an shit.
Mutha fuckas be starrin, niggas packin big thangs too nigga
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Verse 1

I started off wit heata shit
carry a nine millameter shit
Rolex on my wrist
never fuckin wit Geneve shit
(playboy whats Geneve shit?)
somethin like 20 g's cheaper shit
look juss like a Rollie, but it really ain't Rollie
what the fuck you think homie, you walkin around wit fake Rollie
I never knew that swap meets a-wraps could make Rollie
the Motra fake Rollie's, yo time an date gone break Rollie
the type of shit a theif wont even attempt to take Rollie
go out on a date, start makin bitches hate Rollie
now pump yo brakes homie
only the ballin qualified can rock the platinum, oyster, in distant
Rolex wear outside
";Stayin Alive"; like Wyclef, gettin high until my eyes shut
wise steps, hands carrassin my tech
Rolex under my sleve nigga
to each nigga playa hatin, I make you mutha fuckas bleed quicka
I read niggas
look in my eyes an die slowly
meet my four-five
niggas done died fo a Rollie
I leave yo chest over yo family outside lonely
they died on the stretch an take an ambulance ride homie
my four-five told me, that shit that crucify homies
if I didn't, got so many down niggas ready to ride fo me
die fo me
eye fo an eye homie
that's what you get for tryin to rob me fo my Rollie nigga
Rolex Rulez.

Chorus *(Phats Bossalini)* 2x

Well an nigga wit the Rolex on
you best believe he packin Stretch Armstrong
some kinda gat or thang on him
hit you bullet rain storms
when you got the Rolex watch, piece an chain on

Verse 2

To all my real playas
throw yo Rollie's in the sky
wave 'em side to side
then keep yo four-five caulked to ride
so many mutha fuckas done died
tryin to steal a Rolex watch
especially tryin to steal mines
I remember the day I bought my first watch
the turfs hot
slangin them birdies, that chirpin juss don't stop
raise niggas off the block who turf hop
juss got my first 5 in the world to check in the jewlery store the first
I'm wet
cash the check, grab the tech an jet
10 G's in my pocket headed straight to Spence
I want my shit all baggets
but it cost too much
had to fuck wit somethin less
ain't tryin to floss too much
a straight gold Presidential
no diamonds down the wrist
Princess cabezel
you know
that's small timer shit

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