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Make sure that shit be playin real loud.
(Me and Yuk you know.)

Verse 1 *(DMG)*

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now once again
me and my nigga
It's In My Blood
we straight killas
I be the D and to the M an the M and to the G
comin from the M-P-L-S, S-T-P
all say it wit me
St. Paulin
southside niggas
forever ballin
can't forget my niggas who live on the north side
Could you club what?
throw up yo fins nigga
it's all mighty
now what it is, it's part two nigga
it's brand new (brand new)
juss fo' you
Now where you from nigga?
I'm from the Mid-West
Who want some nigga?
I leave yo shit wet
Now is it you nigga?
You got the balls?
Well bring it on nigga, I kills Ў®em all
I thought you knew nigga
Oh you ain't hear the first?
It's In My Blood nigga
but now it's way worse
It's In My Blood.

(It's In My mutha fuckin Blood! Nigga!)

Chorus *(Yukmouth)*

It's In My Blood
smokin sweets, drink 40's to the suds
and fuckin wit these thugs nigga
It's In My Blood
you wonder why us niggas be hustalas
and out there sellin drugs nigga
It's In My Blood
that drug money, stuff that shit up under the rug
and make them cops bug nigga
It's In My Blood
niggas like me turn niggas like you into hustalas
fuckin wit thugs, fuckin wit us!

Verse 2 *(Yukmouth)*

Regime life
shit trife nigga
slangin China white at night
get light nigga
2 point 2 pounds of white
my shit tight nigga
What yo grip like?
Ship like a half a million when I'm fuckin wit mics
bustin on mics
wit 5 mics to back it
kick the acrofacts on the cracks while my nigga D flip it backwards
Regime killas nigga
the captain
the king of crack and still rappin, bubble up makin moves
you niggas still jackin
that's why I'm livin ill, steel packin

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