Текст песни TAYLOR DAYNE - Want Ads


(Greg Perry, General Johson, Barney Perkins)

Wanted, young man single and free
Experienced in love preferred
But will accept a young trainee
Back home I find myself, lost and all alone
My man is playin' the field, the thrill is gone
He stays out all night, says he's with the boys
But lipstick on his collar, perfume on it too
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Tell's me he's been lying
I tell you what I'm gonna do
Gonna put it in the want ads
This girls in misery
Gonna put it in the want ads
Somebody rescue me
I spend my nights alone, crying bitter tears
Although I cry alot, nobody really hears
And when I need him most
He's never by my side
Or drinking at the bar
He thinks that I'm a fool
I'm goin' to the evening news
Gonna put it in the want ads

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