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Break through the walls, run not to be eaten
Dont be too late, have a chance to repeat it
More and more
Every day
Run away
And pray

And run

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But just dont lie again, dont fucking tell you dislike it
Again and again you keep raping yourself
Crawling through pain for the sake of nothing
To be humiliated when you fail

To stop
Your stupid ambitions
To like
This pointless pain
To keep
To Live
One more wasted day

To live just one more fucking day

Nothing to gain, addicted to pain
You cannot stop this anyway
Loosing yourself and having nothing to say
You got used to dying in vain

Wasting your life dying in vain

More and more
Every day
Running for torment
Every motherfucking day

Humiliation is all that you need
Drowning in suffer voluntary
Every time loosing all that you had
Scattered to the very beginning

So fuck it! Forget the offense!
Arise from the dirt and try to stand
Wipe the blood on your fucking face
Ready to run? - Your torment awaits!

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