Текст песни Ease Of Disgust - Save your mercy for the lepers

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Merciful guiders
Defenders for weak
Fate Deciders

Fuck you all
Save your fucking kindness for the ones you always told
All the shit that make them live their lives in misery
Make them being enslaved
Being depraved
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You are worshipped like a hand-made god
You are the light that make them blind
Showing the truth and showing the way
But seems your roads are going nowhere

Save your breath
Save Your faith
Save your breath for the ones you deceive

Fuck your conformity
Fuck your hypocrisy
Save me

Lie to my face
With your filthy disgrace
Lie to my face with your filthy disgrace
Lie to my face with your fucking filthy false shit

Save your mercy for the lepers

Ill just close myself
To escape beneath
Your defiling lies
Drowned in disbelief

Drowned in disbelief
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