Текст песни MEKONG DELTA - Innocent?


R. Hubert, R. Hubert

Wading through the oceans of minced dreams
while they puke some little pieces of
surreal truth to feed the stupid crowd
The endless kiss of him that made them proud
so the rigid lens gives you
the perfect view
into the heated
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heart of bloody polished steel
as they started dancing (on mutilated humanity)
you can hear them paying homage to their
unknown fear
See what we have given you
See what we can do for you
We just do what we are told
We must do what we are told
for religion we are sold
for religion we are sold
all we touch is dead and cold
And while they exorcise what they believe
always flagging honour and justice
vindication for their blinded greed
so that you can play the innocent

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