Текст песни REBA MCENTIRE - Everything I'll Ever Own


(johnny mcrae, bob morrison)

Funny you can hold it in your hand
And never cause you're afraid to play
And you can feel your dreams
Softly slipping through your fingers
Till they're so far away

Sitting there surrounded
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By your many life's possessions
Feeling so much more than all the load
You realized you've learned one more
Of living's many lessons
Love's worth more than all you'll ever own

What i'd give if you were here beside me
We could spend forever here alone
Oh what i'd give what would i give
Just everything i'll ever own

Funny when i really had it all
I never knew
Cause i just couldn't see
The wealth i hoped to find
Couldnt even hold a candle
To the love you gave to me

I've taken love for granted
And i've taken love for pleasure
Never taking time to understand
Now i know that loving you
Has been my greatest treasure
And i let it slip right through my hands

Repeat chorus

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